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"Teaching is part of my soul. I have a passion for the subject of developing one's solid self-a passion fueled by the participants who gain powerful knowledge from the seminar content"


photoPatricia Hanes Meyer has worked in Northern Virginia for the past thirty-five years. Her mission has been to bring knowledge from Bowen Family Systems Theory to all aspects of her work whether in psychotherapy, mediation, teaching, writing, or lecturing. Bowen Theory’s capacity to define the complexity found in human functioning makes it possible to discover predictable patterns in emotional systems, whether in a family, community, or work system. That combined with the importance Bowen Theory puts on assessing the intensity, severity, and duration of chronic and acute anxiety in a system makes it possible to define the nature of an emotional system.

From this base of knowledge, it becomes possible to define and act upon becoming a more solid self to pursue those aspects of life that the self considers most important and around which there is the deepest level of personal responsibility.



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